Arcade Machine

The Arcade Machine is a custom arcade cabinet designed on commission for SketchUp. It features a powerful computer, 27 inch monitor, keyboard, mouse and 6 axis controller. There also is a built in fog emitter, LED lights and a powerful sound system.

At idle the machine emits a deep rumble and slowly pulsates it's LEDs to entice you to look at it. When someone is using it the arcade buttons flash the lights and are paired with fun sound effects. When you're done using it you can "blow up" your model. When you have blown up your model you get an explosion sound effect coupled with a healthy blast of fog to add to the dramatic effect.

If you are interested in getting your own custom arcade machine, anything from an empty cabinet to a fully built system like this one, please contact us.


Want your own custom MAME cabinet?

We can build you a flat pack MAME cabinet like this one. It's made out of 100% Baltic Birch which is a 12 layer thick laminated birch plywood. It's beautiful and durable. It comes with heavy duty rear casters so you can roll it around. It's bolted together with 1/4x20 furniture bolts. To put it together you press it together by hand and just bolt it together. Customers can have a cabinet standing up in about 30 minutes.

Rear doors are on fully adjustable concealed hinges so you can store things in the cabinet and access the computer if need be.

Check out these videos to see how easy it is:

With the basic kit you'll get a flat packed baltic birch cabinet and all the hardware to put it together. This includes all of the bolts, screws, hinges, and casters needed. Speaker cutouts are optional, as are monitor cutouts. We can leave the monitor area blank if you want to fit your own screen. Each cabinet will come with two control decks. They easily swappable so if you want to have multiple control sets you have that option. Every cabinet will also ship with a detailed drawing, including digital vector files that can be used in Illustrator and other graphics programs so that you can make custom marquee and side panel graphics.

Do you want us to design, build, and ship your fully assembled and working cabinet? We can do that! Some custom options include: